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Vu+ Duo images

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Vu+ Duo images

Mesazh nga stv2008 prej Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:36 am




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Re: Vu+ Duo images

Mesazh nga stv2008 prej Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:40 am

AAF Enigma2 Summer V2 Image VUPLUS:

Ver 5.11 Release note

Open Embedded

- Update blind scan (uno)
- Update ManualFanControl plugin (uno)
- Remove udev-static
- For details, please take a look at git log

Driver Update

20110715 (uno)
- Lower the default FAN rpm
- Increase dynamic range of FAN speed

- Change key code of audio button (uno)
- Change remote control response code (remote control of uno works only in uno)
- Fix occasional not moving FAN problem (uno)
- Remove udev-static


+ AAF-Panel
+ Volume Adjust with AC3 support
+ BlueKey Action (Default/Softcam/single EPG/multi EPG/graphic EPG/MyTube Player/AAF-Panel/other extension)
+ RedKey Action (Default/AAF-Panel)
+ GreenKey Action (open Plugin Browser when no subchannels)
+ Grab (credits to scope34 Vu+ Team)
+ default skin DMConcinnity-HD (credits to Mister-X)
+ light_3D skin
+ NoGfx skin
+ Addon-Manager V2.09
+ FanControl
+ WirelessLan
+ Upnp
+ Usb-Serial drivers (smargo and others)
+ Backup/Restore Image (credits to scope34 Vu+ Team)
+ webremote VU+ picture
+ Rytec EPG (update rytec.sources.xml to 10/04/2011)
+ Setup Infobar (autohide/epg/servicelist/secondinfobar)
+ YellowKey Action (Audio Selection/Default(Timeshift))
+ Graphicle AAF-Panel
+ CrossEPG V0.62
+ EasyMedia by Vali
+ Enabled MHW EPG
+ OpenVPN
+ AudioSync V1.2
+ Cool TV Guide V4.0.0 by Coolman
+ SundtekControlCenter
+ Updated Wlan support
+ Enhanced Movie Center 2.0.2 by Coolman & Swiss-MAD

Euer AAF Team
THX black_64 und alle Betatester

Download ==> USB

Download ==> nfi

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Super Moderatore

Numri i postimeve : 498
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Join date : 15/07/2011

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BKP Pappaalfio BlackHole rev.144 with DLNA

Mesazh nga stv2008 prej Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:59 am

BKP Pappaalfio BlackHole rev.144 with DLNA


Network: subnet DNS already configured
(These network parameters are for all my BKP)
User = root Password = voodoo
Tuner A: Hotbird-Astra Tuner B: A cascade of tuner
Setting Vhannibal updated on January 22, 2011
AV HDMI - Config Expert


Unplug all USB devices
Before restarting, connect the USB devices including DTT (if compatible with the list) and any reader PCSC.

Network configuration, the DNS are fine ..

Install any internal HardDisk:
TastoBlux2> DeviceManager> mountpoint> / media / hdd> Verification (I left out the formatting that should be done only during the new HD)

Create swap space (useful for backing up):
as above option swap file settings> Enable button with red> Autostar (yellow button) OK

Now configure the DTT:
Key blux2> UsbTunerPanel> selectDrivers> Enable ...
(May happen that one time is not on, no problem, reboot and repeat the procedure exactly as before, when activated you will see load of files and the green light will go on "Working"

Channel Search:

Menu '> Configuration> Channel Search> Configuration Tuner
C tuner (if not stated is not supported)
Select OK and the area
The parameter has no effect on the 5V USB sticks

With exit back to the submenu> select Manual Scan> Select Tuner C> Complete Search Type> Research Network is> Delete before searching for SI>
When the search finished, exit

If you want to use the Plugin SVDownloader that was installed for the first time you use an editor Setting (I use DreamBoxEdit) and downloaded from the Vudu dreamedit setting in, pass the list of land, reorder the list Vhannibal (or else you used ) in the terrestrial digital packages back and forth through the settings on your Vudu so ordered.

Now you can start reading the SVDownloader VS. configuration, and saved.

Press the yellow button on the site controlled the premium provider setting and if you need to update, press the download button.
You will see the list and choose your Bouquets DTT;
the plugin will connect automatically to the site and download new settings without touching the Bouquet Digital TV.

At the end of the run command E2 plugin that allows you to avoid restarting E2. (Handy if you consider that the search for terrestrial channels do not do every day).

A note, with the setting of Vhannibal (do not know the others), the channel numbers of DTT starts from 201 so if you want to call on 1 channel DTT (I assume you have cleared up with Rai 1, you can directly enter the channel in a mnemonic ).


Font Magnifier
OscamInfo (new and completely translated into Italian)
MultiQuickButton (to configure)
WebInterface New Vudu remote control
SVDownloader BY Dalraist

All plugins installed are working. Other plugins can be downloaded from Repo
There is also LiveFootball that I forgot to install

Have already installed the drivers for the PCSC readers.
In BluPanel (tastoBlux2) you will find the DLNA client and the server that gives you maximum flexibility in the multimedia distribution network.


Panel accessible from script pane scriptPane "(Green + Blue) where you will find all the commands to remove automatically installed and what are some useful system commands.

Please note that all scripts are automatically started with the selection and therefore require no further confirmation. Special attention to scripts that begin with "Remove"!

I installed the new plugin that will definitely come back very helpful, in particular, I am sure, is sure to please:
I fully translated into Italian, including the guide, then read it before you start using it! (Option from the menu).

I hope that's enough, good luck!



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Super Moderatore

Numri i postimeve : 498
Reputation : 12
Join date : 15/07/2011

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Re: Vu+ Duo images

Mesazh nga Sponsored content

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